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EV Charging Points Required by Law in New Build Homes and Offices by 2022

It has been confirmed that the UK Government will be introducing legislation to include electric vehicle charging points as standard on all new-build homes and offices in England. Separate legislation will be required for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Department of Transport MP Rachel MacLean’s announcement follows mounting concerns about a lack of EV charging points across the country in preparation for the sale of new petrol and diesel cars being banned in 2030. With the target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles has introduced schemes worth £1.3 billion across the UK to increase the rollout of charge points. However, it’s said that the UK will need more than ten times the 25,000 existing charging points by 2030 to keep up with the future demand.

The new law will make England the first country in the world to require all new homes to have EV chargers. The legislation also requires all chargers to be “smart” devices, meaning that they can automatically charge vehicles during off-peak periods.

So, what are the rules for electric car charging points at new homes?

When will this legislation come into place?

Rachel MacLean has stated that the Government intends to “lay legislation later this year”, which implies that the measures could come into effect from 2022. 

Will it be compulsory to have a ChargePoint on older homes?

This legislation is aimed just at new builds. Therefore older homes are not required to install a ChargePoint. If you’re planning on buying an EV or plug-in hybrid, though, we recommend installing your very own charging point for ease and practicality. With a £350 Government grant available to put towards installing a home charging point, now really is the best time to do it!

What if I don’t have off-street parking but want to install a charger?

To install an electric ChargePoint, off-street parking must be available. So, if you don’t have private parking facilities, using public chargers or taking advantage of any charging facilities provided at your workplace are likely to be your best bet.

Will apartments be included in this new legislation?

Presumably, new apartments should fall into the “new builds” category, so if the apartment building has its parking facilities, expect the installation of chargers on new build apartments from some time in 2022.