About us

Our Story and Statement of Intent

Blaby Electrical was founded in August 1986, within the same week that the owner; Tony Smith got married and sold his home in Blaby to help finance the business. Tony is still the Managing Director, and still married to his wife. The company ethos when established was, and still is 32 years on: ‘Service and Quality’. If we can achieve this, whilst being competitive price wise, then our standards will achieve great customer satisfaction.

Our office is now based in Wigston Leicester as the company has grown, and branched out in 1998 to include the Security Industry; installing Domestic/Commercial and Police Monitored Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV, Door Access Controls, and Fire Alarm Systems. This makes Blaby Electrical the number one company to call on when you want the full installation package.

We still carry out small works, but have expanded to include installs incorporating all the above package to £1million+ contracts across the Midlands and beyond.

Blaby Electrical’s client base is quite impressive with customers such as Cemex based in Rugby, where we have been the on-site resident electrical contractor for many years carrying out installation works, as well as further Cemex sites across the UK since 2008.

It is the MDs intention to continue growing the company, invest in his workforce and continue to offer ‘Service and Quality’ to Blaby Electrical’s existing and new customers.

Blaby Electrical Ltd Inc. Blaby Alarms Guarantee

All Blaby Electrical Ltd Inc. Blaby Alarms installations are undertaken by experienced, professional teams and include a 12 month installation guarantee for your complete peace of mind. This covers any fine tuning of the system and installation faults. Fully certified installations. 

Blaby Alarms are an NIC EIC approved contractor and an SSAIB ‘certificate of excellence holder’. Intruder alarm installations are completed with full, dual certification.

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month for February 2019: Ben Taylor

Throughout February, Ben was responsible for a large scale shutdown project for a long-standing customer of Blaby Electricals’. Ben put in an extensive amount of out-of-hours work to ensure the job was completed in time. Ben liaised with both fellow employees and customers staff on site for the shutdown to go as scheduled. Ben received positive encouraging feedback from the customer for his hard work and commitment. Thank You and Well Done Ben.

Employee of the Month for January 2019: Ian Lowry

Ian is the Qualified Supervisor responsible for the NIC EIC standards, and he completed his first assessment for the Company, passing our annual NIC EIC inspection successfully. Ian also recently attended two severely troublesome domestic faults, rectifying them successfully, with one of the customers emailing:

“Many thanks for work completed and tenacious efforts by Ian Lowry to resolve the fault!”

And, Ian has completed a large amount of electrical testing on flats in Stoke in a very short space of time. Thank You and Well Done Ian.

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