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Go green and save WallPod EV Type-2 Socket HomeSmart Charging Point Tesla

Electric Car Charger Home Installation

As an approved installation partner for Rolec EV, Zappi (Myenergy), Ohme, EV Box and Pod Point, Blaby Electrical provides a range of EV charging solutions for your home.

Rolec EV, Zappi & Pod Point are the UK’s leading manufacturers of EV charging points:

  • BSI Safety In The Home Certified
  • Manufactured In The UK
  • Flame Retardant
  • IP Rated
  • CE Certified
Grab your grant

Grant Funding Available

Blaby Electrical offers a range of charging points that are available under the OLEV Electric Vehicle HomeCharge Scheme (EVHS). The eligibility criteria for this grant are extensive, but Blaby Electrical has been through this process many times and does the application on your behalf. 

The OLEV approved charging units are designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every electric vehicle on the market. They are available in either IEC 62196 tethered cable or IEC 62196 socket versions.

Best for Standard Electric Car Charging at Home

Rolec WallPod HomeSmart EV

The WallPod:EV HomeSmart is a smart charging unit which has been designed to provide the user with a simple interactive EV charging solution for the home. The EV driver can control the charging activity of their WallPod:EV HomeSmart unit using their mobile phone. It also allows them to monitor/record all their charging activity, data, and history. 

Rolec WallPod HomeSmart EV charging point

Features include:

  • Smart charging (see smart features)
  • IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 fast charging
  • IEC 62196 (Type 2) charging socket
  • Charging speeds – 3.6kW (16A) & 7.2kW (32A)
  • Supplied with external overload and fault current protection (Type A RCBO)
  • Built-in DC sensitive protective device
  • Built-in LED charging status indicator
  • Built-in Class 1 MID compliant kWh meter
  • Built-in Modem and roaming sim
  • Built-in GPRS communication antenna
  • OLEV (Home Scheme) Approved
  • Certificated by the BSI as safe to use in the domestic environment
  • IP65 Weatherproof & UV Stabilised
  • Corrosion resistant, fire retardant & impact resistant design
  • CE certified
  • OCPP compatible

Smart Features

Live Charging Activity:

  • Charging status
  • Stop/start charging
  • Smart & boost charging
  • Charging notifications

 Charging History:

  • Total energy used
  • Historical data
  • CO2 savings

 Advanced Settings:

  • Off-peak optimisation
  • Green charging
  • Grid services
  • Fleet management
Rolec WallPod HomeSmart EV charging point

30 Colour Options

The Rolec WallPod:EV units come in a colour combination for every location.

WallPod EV Charging Point HomeSmart colour options

Best for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Car Charging at Home

EV Solar Charge Jaguar

Zappi: The smart EV charger

Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a traditional EV charger, it can also charge your EV using 100% FREE energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation.

Here’s the SMART bit. Zappi can charge for FREE using your PV charger during the day and be set to charge at the most economical times at night if you have preferred economy rates from your energy provider. All controllable by the myenergi APP.

No PV? No problem! If you don’t have a PV system, zappi can still operate like an ordinary EV charging station importing from the grid. You can always add your solar/wind system later.

Features include:

  • Programmable timer function
  • Dynamic load balancing for maximum installation flexibility
  • Charge and event logging
  • Pin-code lock function
  • Tap operated display backlight
  • Built-in RCD protection
  • Integral cable holster
  • Remote control and monitoring add-on option
  • Supplied with clip-on grid current sensor
  • 3x charging modes: eco, eco+ and fast
  • Optimises microgeneration self-consumption
  • Economy tariff sensing
  • 18th edition ready
  • Available in 7kW (1-phase) or 22kW (3-phase)
  • OLEV (Home Scheme) Approved – Hub device required
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty
  • IP65 Weatherproof & UV Stabilised
  • CE certified 

Keyswitch Control

The addition of a keyswitch is a simple solution for restricting access to your charging point. A key is needed in order to either activate the charging socket or in some cases to allow access to it when it is hidden away behind a magnetically locked flap.

WallPod EV Type-2 Socket with Keyswitch


Will an electric vehicle add to my electricity bill?

In a word: yes. Any device, appliance or machine that draws electricity will add to your electric bill and an electric vehicle will be no different. The overall cost each year is dependent on the vehicle you own, how much your drive and what electricity rate you’re on.

Like all electrical items, some electric vehicles will be more efficient than others. The efficiency of an EV is measured by kilowatt-hours (kWh) per 100 miles or MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent). To check the efficiency, look at how many kWh it takes to fully charge, divided by the number of miles or how many kWh it takes to get to 100 miles. When choosing an EV, this is something worth keeping in mind.

How much do electric car charging points cost?

Blaby Electrical offers a range of charging points that are available under the Government grant subsidised OLEV Electric Vehicle HomeCharge Scheme. With this scheme, you can have a home EV charging point from as little as £495 (inc. VAT), fully installed.

Where is the OLEV EVHS grant from?

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is a cross-Government, industry-endorsed team based in the Department for Transport, whose core purpose is to support the early market for electric and other ultra low emission vehicles.

How do I qualify for the OLEV EVHS grant?

To qualify for the OLEV EVHS grant, you need to have purchased an eligible electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle from 1 October 2016 onwards. OLEV has made it clear that these grants and incentives won’t be around forever, so if you’re considering purchasing or opting for an electric vehicle, now might be the best time.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You must have off-street parking.
  • You must install an OLEV-approved charge point (Blaby Electrical install OLEV-approved Rolec EV charge points).
  • The date of installation must not be more than 4 months ahead of the date of delivery or date the customer becomes the registered driver of the electric vehicle.
  • You must use an OLEV-approved charge point installer, like Blaby Electrical.

The eligibility criteria for this grant are extensive, however Blaby Electrical has been through this process many times and takes the stress out of the process by doing the application on your behalf.

How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle?

The EV charging points we install in homes come in two charging speeds:

  • Slow EV Charging: Only recommended for emergency charging; it usually takes 6-24+ hours to fully charge a vehicle.
  • Fast EV Charging: The preferred method of charging at home; best suited for overnight or top-up charging. Depending on the model it can charge an electric vehicle from flat to 100% in around 2-6 hours.

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