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If you need a CCTV specialist, our expert team provide a quality service to homeowners and landlords. We install CCTV cameras and systems for all types of domestic properties, from a terraced house to a stately home.

Our experience and size means we install all types of CCTV cameras and systems:

  • Network/ IP CCTV systems
  • Cloud-based CCTV systems
  • Wireless CCTV systems
  • Internal, external or covert camera systems
  • HD cameras
  • 4K Cameras
  • 8K Cameras
  • Bullet type cameras
  • Dome CCTV cameras
  • Day/Night CCTV camera
  • Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras

With over 30 years of experience our experts will help you to find the right CCTV system to meet your needs and budget. We provide free quotes without obligation. Where possible we give rough estimates over the phone for your convenience.

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How can I choose a home CCTV System?

Here are some of the most common options:

  • Wired home CCTV systems: These are the most common and cheapest type of camera, where a wire plugs directly from the camera to the monitor. The downside is that the wires, including extension cables and connectors, can be difficult to lay.
  • Wireless home CCTV systems: Images can be transmitted using analogue or digital technology. Digital cameras are generally higher quality but more expensive.
  • Wireless systems can suffer from interference from devices such as routers, cordless phones and microwaves, and can be blocked by heavy masonry or metal objects. Your filming may also be interrupted if your Internet connection is lost.
  • IP CCTV system: These are cameras that use your network or internet portal to send images to your computer’s router, allowing you to access the footage over the internet from remote locations.
  • Outdoor home CCTV cameras: If you’re using CCTV cameras outside, make sure they’re weatherproof – an IP (International Protection) rating of 66 is recommended. Wireless cameras are available, but you’ll still have to run a cable to a power source. Position cameras where they can’t be tampered with, but can be accessed for maintenance and cleaning. You can buy vandal-proof cameras, but these tend to cost more.
  • Indoor home CCTV cameras: Indoor CCTV cameras come in three types: wired, wireless and powerline networked (these plug into your electrical sockets and transmit images to a storage device). Wireless cameras are not recommended inside the home unless the signal can be encrypted, as anyone within range and using a suitable receiver would be able to view the images.

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