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Blaby Alarms install quality access control, intercoms, door entry systems and video entry systems for industrial premises throughout Leicester and the Midlands.

Our experience and size means we work with all types of access control systems:

  • Keypad and PIN
  • Swipe card
  • Key fob access control systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Video door entry systems
  • Time and attendance systems
  • Parking entry systems
  • Electronic door locks
  • Networked access control
  • Mobile phone access control systems
  • Automated access control systems

Our Leicester based specialist team are fully equipped for all types of industrial premises:

  • Food manufacturing
  • Cement/Aggregate plants & quarries
  • Hosiery & dye factories
  • General factories
  • Production facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses and storage units
  • Distribution centres
  • Heavy industrial facilities

Our experts will help you to find the right access control system to meet your needs and budget.

We can usually commence installation within 14 days, often sooner.

Simply contact us for more information or your FREE site survey and fully inclusive quotation, without obligation.

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Do I need a keyless door entry system?

Yes, if your business is accessible to the public all the time, and you sometimes work there alone, or with very few staff.

How to consider a keyless door entry system

Burglar alarms switched on overnight will be switched off during the day during work hours, so anyone wanting to take your computers or your stock, could, in theory, just walk in. There is a good chance that if you have CCTV cameras working with your burglar alarm at night, these too will be switched off during the day.

If you were threatened by three men with knives, would you know what to do?  More and more crime is happening by organised gangs, rather than the old fashioned nighttime burglar.

Have you done a risk assessment?

Not only the risk to you and your staff, but how would your business survive if your computers, server, phones, tills, were stolen or destroyed? Do you have a crisis plan or a backup computer at another location? Well, perhaps the easiest thing to consider is a door entry system, where customers ring the bell to be let in and staff type in a code to gain access.

Actually, the current levels of technology are providing door entry alarm systems that will also trigger an alarm, manage the heating, ventilation and lighting and turn on the CCTV cameras at the same time.

Protect Insurance Claims

You can get little do it your self door entry systems that are very cheap, but are they approved by your Insurer as a preventative measure? Do check first, because if you were burgled with one of these systems in place, the Insurer may not pay out on your claim, if it isn’t up to their specifications.

It is always best to get good advice from an approved and accredited alarms installer, even if you decide not to go ahead, or to take other measures.

Think you can’t afford a security system?

For a start, it might surprise you that these are not very expensive, and secondly, it could save your whole business from going under if the worst happened.

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