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Mosaic 1898

Mosaic 1898, Leicester Forest East – 2021

Before and After LED Lighting Installation.

With many businesses beginning to discover how LED lighting can be of such benefit in commercial and industrial properties, we’ve experienced a sharp increase in companies deciding to make the switch to LED lighting alternatives. Mosaic 1898, one of Leicestershire’s eldest disability charities, got in touch with us after hearing about the benefits LED lighting can offer, and decided to invest. 

We were commissioned to replace each one of the 90 light fixtures in the building, so we advised Mosaic on the LED alternatives we thought best for each fixture, and ultimately decided on a range of: 

  • LED Recessed Lighting 
  • LED Modular Lighting 
  • LED Surface Circular Lights 
  • 5ft Twin LED Battens 
  • 6ft Single LED Battens 
  • External LED Lighting 
Commercial LED Lighting Installation in Leicester.

An LED rollout of this scale will offer a huge financial benefit to Mosaic 1898 as time goes by, helping save funds and cut down on energy costs. It is predicted that the charity will benefit from an annual saving on energy of over £1,500 and can look forward to an anticipated ROI, over ten years, worth almost £7,500! This is further compounded by rising energy tariffs. 

In terms of the energy-saving possibilities, we have predicted that Mosaic 1898 will now achieve annual savings of just over 5,400 kW hours and almost 1,300 Kg of CO2, which is the equivalent amount of CO2 reduction if up to as many as 126 mature trees were planted!

Join Mosaic 1898 in the investment of LED lighting for your business and reap the benefits of reduced energy costs as well as improved safety and visibility for your employees and customers. We now also offer the option of finance leasing on projects of £2,000+, just like this one. With zero upfront capital outlay and utility savings often covering the repayments, LED upgrades are possible for all businesses no matter their individual circumstances.

“The decision to invest in LED lighting with Blaby Electrical was an easy one for us, and undoubtedly the right one. The move to more efficient and effective lighting not only furthers our commitment to creating safe and comfortable environments for our people to do their life enhancing work, but it also means taking an important step forward in our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. The icing on the cake is the ROI we are expecting to achieve, particularly at a time of soaring energy prices, every pound we save on energy costs will help the charity to make additional positive impact.”

Zoheb Shariff, Chief Executive Officer, Mosaic 1898