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Halogen Bulbs Now Banned in UK

Halogen Light Bulbs Now Banned in the UK

On Wednesday the 9th of June 2021, it was announced by the Government that plans were to be introduced to end the sale of halogen light bulbs from September 2021. This announcement came as part of the UK’s wider efforts to tackle climate change. Legislation to include the removal of fluorescent lights from shelves from September 2023, was also introduced.

This new legislation has prompted a surge in the sale of LED lighting alternatives; making a considerable impact in improving the energy efficiency of the country’s buildings. LEDs last 5 times longer than traditional halogen lightbulbs and produce the same amount of light – but use up to 80% less power! By replacing all the bulbs in your home with LED lights, you could reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 55kg a year. This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emitted by driving your car around 190 miles! 

The UK did begin to phase out higher-energy halogen bulbs in 2018 however, retailers were still allowed to continue selling old stock. Since the 1st of September 2021 though, retailers have been unable to sell the majority of halogen bulbs for household use following the new legislation. 

In March of 2021, the ‘rescaled’ energy labels on light bulb boxes were simplified to make the switch a little easier for consumers. The way energy efficiency is displayed now is on a new scale from A-G, doing away with the A+, A++ or A+++ ratings. Appliances that are rated as highly energy-efficient on this scale also tend to be more expensive. But that shouldn’t put you off them. In the long run, they’ll use less energy, which means they’re cheaper to run. 

This measure is expected to mean that LED light bulbs will account for 85% of all bulbs sold by 2030! 

Lord Martin Callanan, the Minister for Climate Change, said:

“Flicking the off-switch on energy inefficient light bulbs is a simple way that households can save money at the same time as saving the planet.”

“Phasing out halogen bulbs in favour of LED alternatives that last longer, are just as bright and cheaper to run, is another way that we are helping tackle climate change.”

LED is the Government recommended lighting alternative and as qualified installers, we can help you switch to LEDs when the time is right. If you’re a business that’s ready to install, head over to the following case study to read all about the full LED installation we carried out for a Leicestershire based charity, working towards creating safer and more comfortable environments for their staff, alongside reducing their carbon footprint and achieving a healthy ROI! Click here: https://bit.ly/3q62tec 

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