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Government Announce New EV Charging Point Grant Funding for Schools

The UK government has recently announced a new initiative to encourage the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points in state-funded schools. This move is part of the broader effort to promote the use of electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions across the UK. 

Details of the Legislation

Grant Overview:

– Funding Coverage: The grant covers 75% of the cost of purchasing and installing EV charging points.

– Maximum Allowance: Schools can claim up to £2,500 per socket.

– Socket Limit: A maximum of 40 sockets per institution across all sites.

– Voucher Validity: Successful applicants will receive a voucher valid for 180 days, allowing ample time to complete the installation process.


This grant is specifically designed for state-funded schools and education institutions. Independent schools can apply for funding through the Workplace Charging Scheme.

To qualify for the grant, your institution must:

  • Demonstrate an existing or future need for charging electric vehicles.
  • Have designated off-street parking facilities clearly associated with your premises, which can be used by customers, guests, visitors, staff, or others.
  • Have had a site survey conducted by an OZEV-authorised installer confirming that your site can support EV charging.
  • Not have applied for a grant for the same chargepoint under the EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets or any other grant scheme.
  • Have the authority to apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme on behalf of your organisation.
  • Please note that funding is confirmed until 31 March 2025.   

Academy trusts can apply for up to the maximum of 40 sockets for each institution within the trust.

Benefits for Schools

–  Cost Savings: The significant financial support reduces the initial investment required for EV infrastructure.

– Sustainability: Encouraging the use of electric vehicles contributes to environmental sustainability and supports the government’s green initiatives.

– Future-Proofing: Installing EV charging points prepares schools for the increasing adoption of electric vehicles among staff, students, and visitors.

– Community Leadership: Schools can lead by example in adopting green technologies, promoting environmental awareness among students and the community.

How Blaby Electrical Can Assist

Blaby Electrical is proud to support schools in this green transition as an OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) authorised installer. Here’s how we can help:

Grant Application Assistance: Navigating the grant application process can be complex. Our team is experienced in handling the necessary paperwork and ensuring that your application meets all requirements.

Expert Installation: With our team of qualified electricians, we guarantee a professional and efficient installation of your EV charging points. We ensure compliance with all safety standards and regulations.

Ongoing Support: Post-installation, we offer maintenance services to ensure your charging points remain in optimal condition.

    We are proud installers of a range of brands so we can offer the right one for you, including Rolec EV, EVBox, Ohme, Pod Point and Myenergi.

    Get Started Today

    Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and get in touch with the Blaby Electrical team to arrange a free site survey today. 

    For more information on the grant, visit the official government grant page.