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Installing Advanced Printing Technology at Lithgo Press 

Blaby Electrical have recently been entrusted with overseeing the electrical works required to install a cutting-edge printing machine at Lithgo Press. This collaboration between us and Lithgo, another Leicester business, ensures seamless integration of the new equipment, leveraging our expertise and Lithgo Press’ commitment to technological advancements. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and reliability, this joint effort aims to optimise the printing process and enhance productivity for Lithgo Press.

Setting the Foundation for Success

To successfully install the new printing machine, the Blaby Electrical team undertook a range of critical electrical works. These included evaluating the existing electrical infrastructure, determining power requirements, designing and implementing necessary modifications, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Our team of skilled engineers began the project by conducting a comprehensive site assessment, examining the current electrical infrastructure and load-bearing capacity. These evaluations enable the team to plan and execute the necessary upgrades, starting with a DNO supply upgrade and new panel board, installing additional power circuits, upgrading wiring systems, and incorporating surge protection devices. These measures were essential to provide the required power supplies and to protect the printing technology’s delicate electronic components from potential damage.

The partnership between Blaby Electrical and Lithgo Press emphasises the importance of meticulous planning and execution, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations during the installation process. By coordinating closely with Lithgo Press’ team, we were able to schedule electrical works strategically, considering the most convenient time slots to minimise downtime and optimise workflow efficiency.

“Blaby Electrical is honoured to work alongside Lithgo Press for this significant project. Our team is committed to delivering professional electrical services, which allowed for a smooth installation at Lithgo Press. We understand the importance of precision and reliability in the printing industry, and are dedicated to providing tailored solutions, meaning we were able to meet Lithgo Press’ unique requirements,” stated Ben French, Managing Director of Blaby Electrical.

Ensuring Future-Ready Electrical Infrastructure

Blaby Electrical recognises the significance of future-proofing Lithgo Press’ electrical infrastructure to accommodate potential expansion and technological advancements. As an extension to the installation process, we’ll also assess the scalability of the electrical system, ensuring that it can readily adapt to the evolving needs of Lithgo Press moving forward. 

On top of this, we always ensure to implement measures to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability. By utilising advanced technologies, such as energy-efficient LED lighting systems and power management solutions, we aim to reduce energy consumption and lower the environmental impact of Lithgo Press’ operations. This aligns with both companies commitment to sustainable practices and reducing our carbon footprints.

The joint effort between us at Blaby Electrical and Lithgo Press marks an exciting milestone in our ongoing working relationship. By entrusting the electrical works to a reputable and experienced service provider, Lithgo Press demonstrates its commitment to embracing innovation while ensuring a safe and efficient installation process.