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Blaby Electrical become approved installers of GivEnergy battery storage systems and inverter units

What is battery storage? 

Battery storage systems are devices that enable energy from renewables, like solar and wind, to be stored and then released when you need power most.

As approved installers of GivEnergy battery storage systems and inverter units, we wanted to share with you some of the benefits and reasons you should consider the option of battery storage in the near future. 

How does a GivEnergy battery storage system save energy?

With a GivEnergy battery storage system, energy and therefore money are saved through the following super smart and green ways:

  • Generate, use and store your own energy during the day
  • Don’t pay for energy when the sun is not shining
  • Buy, use and store energy when it’s cheap and green
  • Use it during expensive peak times

What are the benefits of battery storage for businesses or homes? 

The biggest aim for most businesses and families right now is to save money. With a GivEnergy battery storage system, your energy bill could drop right down as you’ll have the option to switch to the battery power at the peak times of electricity, therefore reducing your energy bill at these key times. 

You can benefit from having an uninterrupted supply of power to your site, so if you experience a power outage or voltage decrease, the battery solution will provide an instant backup of energy, seamlessly transferring from mains power to battery. 

If your organisation’s energy consumption is increasing, to avoid the need for costly contract upgrades, you can switch to stored battery power in an instant to reduce any high peaks in your consumption profile. 

GivEnergy have a supporting app and web portal too, which allow for easy viewing of what your system is doing, the charging and it’s discharging alterations. If you’re a customer of Octopus Energy, GivEnergy have a direct API link to Octopus Energy, allowing seamless integration of the battery storage unit and your relevant energy tariff, ensuring the best financial utilisation of the charge and discharge cycle is achieved.

How do I get my own for my home or business? 

Get in touch! Blaby Electrical are on hand to provide free, no-obligation quotes. We’ll pay a site visit and pair you up with the most suitable GivEnergy battery storage system and inverter unit for your property. Job done! Get in touch by giving us a call on 0116 288 3493 or sending an email to us on enquiries@blabyelectrical.co.uk